Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

Ah Thanksgiving. I thought I would never make it in one piece this year after several bouts of nasty colds and running related injuries. I flew home to Orange County this year and was able to finally spend some time with my family. Per tradition, the night before Thanksgiving was spent reveling at Stubrik's in Downtown Fullerton to support my oldest brother's cover band, Hot Panda. They get better and better every year! 

No one seems to care to push Thanksgiving early as a holiday like they do with Halloween and Christmas, so I find myself appreciating this particular occasion more as I get older. I love spending time with friends and family without feeling the pressure of having to worry about gifts and decorations what not. Let's just say Thanksgiving is giving Christmas a run for its money in my heart.

My dad made another amazing turkey and all the fixings as usual. I contributed some pie and cava. After feasting, I hit some sales with my siblings. Black Friday didn't seem as big of a deal this year, though I must admit that I am no longer young enough to be out past 2 AM. Ah, fleeting youth. All in all, a wonderful trip back home.